Content Writing Solutions

In the digital world, what you write becomes important for people to find and connect with you. And it is a fast-evolving environment. What works and is trending today may change tomorrow. As industry professionals, we will keep track of these changes and can give you content that is relevant to today’s market standards.

Moreover, hiring us ensures that you are free to concentrate on your core business. Otherwise, you will be spending valuable time away from strategizing about your main business. You will have to divide your time and attention between your daily business operations and writing/learning to write digitally correct content. This can become a limitation in the long run as you may lose business opportunities due to lack of time.

By hiring us as professional content writers, you get peace of mind that an expert is working for you, to create content which as per your requirements, beautifully presented and is in sync to the specifications of the online world.

Our Content Writing Solutions include (but are not limited to) the following :

  • Content Writing

We believe in the saying that “Content is King”. For us, the client is also the king. We focus on providing world-class, error-free and original content tailor-made to YOUR needs. Be it creative writing or technical writing – you give us a brief on any subject and we will put together a story that you will be proud to present to your audience.


  • Website content development

Your website defines your digital presence. It should firstly bring in new visitors and after that present a compelling story so that you can convert them to customers. It should also engage existing customers and keep them coming back to you. A lot of this involves the written word apart from the visual representation on your website. We offer you SEO friendly & Keyword-rich content that will help people know your presence and you get in more visits to your website. We will help you tell the world how you are unique from your competition and why you are the best choice.


  • Product Description

In the virtual world, selling your product is all about how you word it! Creative writing and representation is one big advantage in this area. We understand this and ensure that we write about your product so that their USP is highlighted to the customer. We ensure that the description is in a customer-friendly language that he can easily understand and relate to and that we do not use jargon. If you have a catalog of products, it is also important that each description reflects the same tone and we bring in that uniformity to help you build your brand through words.


  • Blogs

Once you get in visitors and customers, it is important to keep them engaged and interested so that they keep coming back to you. One way to do this is to publish blog posts about industry trends and what can add value to your product. We can help to keep the words flowing at regular intervals by research ideas related to your industry and writing about that. Or if you have an idea, we can help translate that into words!


  • Content Curation

If you are in a business that needs existing content to be presented with a fresh perspective, we can help you curate the same.  We will research and find relevant and good quality content and help you to format it the way you want to present it online while also ensuring that it does not become a duplicate content.


  • Emailers & Newsletters

It is important to engage with your audience in a periodical manner. We will help you do that by creating great emailer and newsletter. Through them, you can promote a particular product or service that is newly launched, talk to customers about any changes, tell them what is new in the industry, etc. We will take care to make it visually appealing to the audience with the right mix of copy and graphics.


  • Product Reviews

These form an important part of any online business. Reviews for products can make or break your marketing strategy and brand. And hearing it from the customer adds weightage to the product than any marketing activity. We offer genuine product reviews that aim to highlight the USP of your product and the benefits of using it. We also offer you feedback for improvement if any so that you can make the customer experience better.


  • Proof Reading

Words can help create a beautiful story. However, an inadvertent error or omission can mean something entirely different from what you want to convey. Grammar, punctuation, keywords, usage & more has to be kept in mind before publishing. Our language experts will help to keep the content created by you error-free, by proof-reading it before your publish.


  • Resume Writing

A crisp resume explains your educational qualification, work background and your key areas of expertise. Our team researches your field of work and works to highlight your key strengths that are relevant to that field so that recruiters can find you easily and are compelled to connect with you.


  • Book Reviews and Summaries

We help summarise the book and present it in a way that makes the reader want to pick up the book and finish reading it. We also offer to review the book and highlight what works well. This can be used as an important marketing tool to promote the book by both the author and the publisher.


  • FAQs

Many times you have visitors who have common questions and reach out to the customer care team for answers. By having a common set of questions and answers, you reduce the need for the visitor to contact you thereby saving time for both the visitor and your team. Our experts will research your industry to find out what are the common pain points for customers to seek out help. We then frame them into easily understandable questions and answers. Having a set of FAQs also builds trust as the visitors feel you are proactive in anticipating their needs and are looking out to make things easier for them. We frame the FAQs to be SEO friends too and hence help improve your rankings.


  • Survey Forms

Customer feedback is gold. But there must be an organized way to frame and capture the feedback so that it translates to data and helps you to make informed decisions. Our experts will frame questions that probe and give you deep insights into what the customer thinks of you. A well-researched and well-framed survey can get you answers to specific questions or sometimes bring out a new aspect of the product which you were not aware of earlier.


  • Internal company communications

We also work with corporates to provide content for internal communications to their employees and partners. Be it related to new products, seminars, get-togethers or motivational content – our team will be able to deliver on time so that you get the most out of it.


  • Transcription & Translation Services

Do you have content in an audio or visual format and want to convert it? We will help to transcribe the content into text and also ensure quality output. Be it in an MP3, MP4, WAV, etc., we are equipped to handle all formats. We also can translate from English to selected regional languages and vice-versa. Our skilled translators are proficient in Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil and help translations to English.