What’s In A Name?

Shakespeare’s Juliet, in the quote from which this title is inspired, referred to names as just labels of identification and said that it doesn’t take away from the essence of a person even if the name is a different one. But for many of us, names are very personal and have a deep connection. This has never been truer than for writers who weave magic with their words – blog names also have a deep connect and meaning.

Many people have asked me what my website name means. Is it something just pretty and different? Or does it have a hidden meaning? The name is a nod to two very important things that are very personal to me.

I had started The Scarlett Dragonfly as an online journal to pen down and share my feelings, which I was unable to talk about.  The very first post was dedicated to my dog Scotty, whom I had lost to renal failure. Some time after I lost Scotty, I started seeing Dragonflies everywhere – I would come across pictures in books, run into them flying in the garden, see images online, have people refer them in conversations, etc. It was getting weird to just be a coincidence. So I did some reading up online about animal totem.

One version spoke of Dragonflies as a symbol of transformation & self-realization, teaching us to love life itself and to have faith even in the face of difficulties. Another version spoke of it as a symbolism of death – as a carrier of positive messages to loved ones and as a sign of the soul’s transition into the spirit world. Both of these touched me as I was in a very dark space and grappling emotionally with Scotty’s death. Since he was the reason behind me starting to blog, I believed the Dragonflies were his way of sending me a message that he was there to guide me. So I decided to make it a part of the name and published my first blog on what would have been Scotty’s 11th birthday.

The Scarlett in the name is a nod to the heroine of my all-time favorite novel Gone With The Wind. Scarlett O’ Hara is not your typical heroine. Shrewd, impulsive, willing to do anything to save her home and protect her family and loved ones, she is not the ‘ideal’ woman but one with many flaws. I never realized why I connected with her so much when I first read the novel some 25 years ago. Turns out a lot of Scarlett O’ Hara’s characteristics are that of an Aries woman, which I am myself. I have read Gone With The Wind many times over the years. Each time, both the book and Scarlett inspire me and give me something new that I take back. So in honor of that strong woman who has seen me through some of my best and worst times, I included the name and continue to be inspired by it. And as I am writing this, I realized that the book deserves a separate blog of its own considering how much it means to me.

And thus was born The Scarlett Dragonfly.

Do you have any interesting stories to share about names and the inspiration behind them? And my blogger friends: what was the inspiration behind your blog names? Do share your stories with me through the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Wow, I would never have imagined there was such a deep meaning behind your blog title! I’m sure Scotty would be happy to see you today 🙂

  2. Wow! A very clever and a beautiful tribute to Scotty.

  3. Loved your thought behind the name of your blog. MIne is Lovely Tiny Things. I gave this name to my blog because I believe in our life we have several lovely things, but we overlook them because of searching for BIG, less foud happiness. Thus to discuss all those beautiful ‘Tiny’ things of life, I named my blog Lovely Tiny Things.

  4. Suchita Agarwal says:

    What a lovely post and the meaning behind your blog name. Mine is simple: tales of Suchita because I’m the one who is telling you stories – whether fiction or non fiction. And I love checking animal totems too 🙂

  5. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    wow! So heartfelt and deep… feels like I am reading it for the first time… although I have before 😀

  6. Bhagavathi says:

    Many small things which we don’t mention much actually would have made an impact in a Big way… A wonderful piece of read Vasu. 📚 ❤️✨️ follow your inner voice.

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