What Can I Blog About? 10 Tips On How To Write Great Blogs.

This is my second post in the Blogging Series which offers a basic overview for anyone who is contemplating starting a blog and also tips for writing great blogs.

Before deciding to begin this exciting blogging journey, you may have many questions and doubts. This post aims to demystify a few of those.

Who Can Start A Blog

The answer is ANYONE. However, you must enjoy writing. If you have something to say and you wish to share it with the world on a consistent basis, you can start a blog. Your reasons for blogging may be varied – for fun, to educate, to inspire, to earn, etc. It requires NO EXPERIENCE TO START a blog but you gain a fan following and name only with experience and by being consistent & persistent.

Also, companies and small businesses can start a blog to share updates about their brand and connect with their clients on topics related to their brand. It can be a value-addition to the services they offer.

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What Can I Blog About

Now, this is easier said than done. Pro tip – write about what makes you happy. However, even seasoned bloggers sometimes are at a loss for what to write on. Don’t worry – research and inspiration can help you find your next topic. Keep your eyes & ears open and you will find so many things to write about from your daily life.

Also, it helps if you choose a niche / specific field that you want to write about. That way, your research, and writing can be more focused.  This will also help you build your brand as a subject matter expert and eventually help monetize your blog.

How Do I Write Great Blogs

Some people have a natural talent for writing and are great storytellers. Some may love to write but may need a little help along the way. Here are some simple tips you can follow.

  1. Identify if your strong point is writing or talking. If it is writing, then a traditional written blog can work for you. If you like talking, then maybe Podcasting will work better for you and you could transcribe the same as well, as supporting written blog post.
  1. Pick a headline first and then work your story around it. Your headline will tell you what the blog should be about and help you focus on the structure of your blog. For example, the headline of this blog tells me that I should focus on tips for writing great blogs and how to choose the topic for the blog. If I didn’t have this headline to focus on, I could get lost in my writing as blogging is a vast field.
  1. Choose a topic that you are interested in. Blogging is all about passion and sharing that with the world. If you write from the heart about what really makes you happy or tick, your writing will and will naturally connect with your readers. If you write professionally for companies, study them to gain a sense of who they are and research your topic well. Be enthusiastic in your writing and critical while editing.
  1. Don’t look for fancy words. Write as you would speak and keep it real. Blogging is all about connecting with the other person and sharing your story.
  1. Your writing should be simple and correct. While it is not necessary to use flowery language, you must always ensure that your blog is error-free in terms of spelling and grammar. This helps you build your authority with your readers over time. The solution is to proofread multiple times before you publish. If possible, rope in someone you trust to be your proofreader as it is easier for someone else to identify errors. There are many online tools as well to help you correct your spelling and grammar.

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  1. Research is important. If you are a content creator for others, you may have no experience with the topic you are asked to write about. That is where research comes in. Read up all the material available and speak to the stakeholder to get more information and clear doubts. Even on topics that you know well, it is always good to cross-check facts so that you don’t end up giving the wrong information or advice. Wrong information can damage your online reputation badly and you can end up getting trolled or called out.
  1. KISS – Keep It Short & Sweet. No one likes to read long posts. Try to keep it short enough so that the readers’ attention doesn’t wander. It also helps if you finish your writing at one go or take only small breaks. This way your chain of thought doesn’t break and your tone remains the same throughout.
  1. Use images to break the monotony and to make your post more appealing. Images also help better understand if you are explain something complex & relate to the blog itself.
  1. Be critical when reading your post. Look for unnecessary words which can be trimmed. Reading your post aloud or putting yourself in your reader’s place helps you realize what is actually extra. Be ruthless in your editing if you want a great copy.
  2. Learn SEO techniques, especially if you are writing professionally. If you want your post to reach a larger audience, then it is important to understand how the internet works and your work can be found amongst so many others writing on the same topic. Learning some basic techniques of Search Engine Optimization will help you reach more people. Even when you are blogging just for the joy of writing and sharing what you are passionate about, naturally bringing in some amount of SEO techniques won’t hurt you.

If you liked this post, do read my previous one on Reasons To Stop Procrastinating & Start Blogging. If you have any more questions or want to share your tips, do connect with me through the comments below.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.

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  1. Quite helpful and useful tips. Yes, some thought must be given to carefully construct the blog post and these tips will surely help in doing that a long way. Nicely compiled.

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    Appreciate your time to explain in a convincing manner. Looking forward to more such insightful posts.

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  6. Well said.
    Very informative to anyone who is interested to take up blogging seriously.

  7. Wonderful tips. Now every time I sit for writing a blog post, I’m gonna remember to KISS, lol! Btw, I like the outlook of your website, wide and clean. Easy on the eyes.

  8. Very helpful tips, wonderfully explained so that even a newbies understands what you want to say and grow while using some of these techniques.

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