Why Is Blogging Getting Popular? 5 Reasons To Stop Procrastinating & Start Blogging

Today is International Bloggers Day and I wish all my fellow bloggers many more years of blogging and penning down their thoughts!

This post is a tribute to the blogging industry and my blogger friends. It is a two-part write-up series: the first looks at the start of the blogging journey and the second one has some thumb rules that a blogger can follow.

Though blogging has become popular in recent times as a way to connect with people around the world, it is not a new concept. In fact, the first online journals can be dated back to the late 90s.

More people have turned to blogging for various reasons like showcasing their writing skills, monetizing their writing, venting out their thoughts, seeking support anonymously, or connecting with like-minded people.

I started my blogging journey in 2018 as an outlet for my feelings. I had lost my pet dog, Scotty, the previous year and after 9 months I was still grappling with his loss. So on his birthday, I decided to pen down my journey of loss and how much he meant to me, as a form of tribute to him. You can read my very first blog here. This blog was well received and many people connected with this loss. Then in 2020, I formalized my blog with a separate domain name and turned my passion for writing into a business. Even today, my blogs are mostly about topics that touch my heart and are personal. These are very different from what I write for my clients and are not focused specifically on SEO rules (though this may happen naturally). For this reason, I don’t have a specific blog niche, though I write mostly about my favorite topics – Pets & Books. I also share my take on Human Relationships from personal experiences and observing people around me. Also, not having a niche helps me showcase my ability as a Content Creator for writing and researching different topics.

If you have been on the fence about starting a blog or are looking for some more details to understand blogging, read on.

What Is A Blog

Simply put, it is an online journal or diary that gives your opinion on a particular topic. A Blog is a kind of website where you post your thoughts in a series of posts. Since it is on the internet, the reach is vast allowing you to connect with people across the world, who are interested in the same topic that you are writing about.  It also allows for engagement with your readers through comments.

Photo by Ena Marinkovic from Pexels

Why You Should Start A Blog And Not Put It Off

1. No Technical Knowledge Needed

Gone are the days when you needed to have the technical knowledge to build a website/blog page. With pre-built platforms like WordPress & Wix which offer detailed step-by-step tutorials, it has never been easier to create your own website / blog page.

2. No Money Needed To Start

You can choose to opt for free website hosting from WordPress or Wix, like the one I started off initially. This works well if you just want to try your hand at blogging and don’t know if you will be consistent or not. You can invest only when you want a website only with a specific chosen name. In this case, you have to purchase that name (called a domain) and a hosting service to put it on the internet.

3. No Specific Skill Set Required

Practically anyone can start a blog. All you need is the love for writing consistently. You don’t have to be a professional writer or an expert in the language. In fact, you could be a working profession and be a blogger on the side. Blogging is fairly easy and various tools are available online to help you fine-tune your writing. Also, now blogs are published in many languages apart from English.

4. Showcase Yourself & Your Talent

If you are a company or a business, starting a blog helps you showcase your products and services. It is also a platform to connect with your clients and engage with people.

If you are an independent blogger or freelancer, it helps showcase your writing skills and also establish yourself as an expert in your chosen area. It helps you express your opinion and get your name out there.

5. Monetize Your Writing

You can also influence others through your writing. Companies have started realizing this and like to tie up with bloggers to subtlety promote their products. This means you can earn a commission on purchases made through links in your blogs. Blogging also can act as a stepping stone for greater opportunities in writing for periodicals or companies.

Of course, there are many more reasons to start blogging if you have ever considered it but had doubts about starting.  As someone who has been there, I can tell you that you will surely enjoy the journey once you kick-start. It is indeed very rewarding.

If you liked reading this post, stay tuned for the next part where I talk about Who Can Start A Blog, What Can You Blog About & will also share some Tips On How To Write Great Blogs.

Do connect with me on what you liked and if you would like any other topic featured.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

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  1. A very helpful post for whoever is looking to start Blogging but doesn’t know how to. Very detailed and simplified tips.

  2. I love your Writing and I agree with you that you don’t require any specific skill to start, just being consistent can help you achieve desired result.

  3. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

    It’s a very helpful post for the budding bloggers and also who is thinking of starting a new journey. Your simple writing is really appreciable.

  4. Vasu, you have chosen a nice topic to write as a tribute. Loved your thoughts. Sad to know about your loss but am glad that you started this venture by dedicating scotty. This is a nice gift for scotty. I also believe that having no certain niche showcase your talent of writing in different genres. I try to bring variety in my posts but I am so much inclined to spread messages of hope and healing that I start writing on mindful living. I loved your post very much. More power to your pen dear.

  5. Priyanka Nair says:

    Helpful post for the ones who are thinking to start a blog. Niche blog or no-niche blog is a big question for many, that’s the reason I write on two blogs 🙂

  6. You have put it down in such simple words. Makes it easy for a newbie to start blogging. I started blogging at the age of 50. I was a freelance writer but now I hardly have any work. I dunno how to look for it or market myself. I have learnt everything from scratch but still, I feel I am technically challenged.

    1. I am sure things will look up soon for your Harjeet. Do you have a LinkedIn profile….If looking for work that helps a lot and register yourself on some of the popular freelancer sites.

  7. I could not agree more with your points. When I started my blogging journey it was just a passion to journal my thoughts but now I can say it is a medium of my expression, my own journey. The readers are solely connected and I guess I somehow solved the purpose.

  8. Its so nice to read about your blogging journey, quite an helpful post for those contemplating blogging. Blogging is pretty easy to start and once you get the hang of it, it becomes a wonderful platform to read, write and share ideas, thoughts, information with like minded people

  9. Very informative and useful post for newbies. Great tips for blogging. Consistency is the key to blogging.

  10. Your article is so easy to follow and any newbie or anyone having thoughts on how to start a blog or still having double thoughts on it will find your post very helpful.

  11. Very well written post and is very helpful to anyone who wants to start a blog. Agree to all the points

  12. Very helpful and interesting. Would love to see your thoughts on how to monetize a blog…

    1. Sure. Will put together what I know from humble experience and some research as well. Maybe another blog on this 🙂

  13. I agree with you. Today, we don’t need special skills to start a blog. I’m looking forward to reading the next part of your blogging series though;)

  14. Suhasini I.P. says:

    Such a helpful post for all the new comers into the blogging world. The tips are simple and very easy to implement.

  15. Well written. This post very helpful for the new bloggers…. Because new bloggers are not aware of these points…..

  16. Your posts are always lovely to read, Vasumathi. I am sure this would be useful for those who are still undecided on blogging and need that push. Blogging is not rocket science, you just need to do it with all your heart.

  17. Good to know more about you. Agree with all the pointers, Vasumathi; blogging is booming these days. To start a blog, one only needs authentic content to write; rest, no expertise is required.

  18. This post is very helpful for someone who is starting out. People often think blogging requires a lot of technical knowledge. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want.

  19. Priyanka Chhabria says:

    I started my blog with full zest but I get lazy and procrastinate to write regularly. Reading your blog has motivated me to be regular. Writing really liberates the mind

  20. These tips are very helpful. For someone who wants to start blogging. Very detailed and simple

  21. So elucidating and simple for all those who would still be on the fence….So rightly said that its an expression!! Thumbs up for the post!!!

  22. Absolutely, you don’t need money nor any special talent only passion of expression is enough for blogging and being consistent in it will make this as habit.

  23. Very helpful post Vasumathi for anyone who wants to start a blog. Really looking forward to read your next post.

  24. Totally agree that blogging is a very interesting hobby to pursue. I’m saying hobby as readers want to connect with the blogger on a personal level through their blogs and know what their opinions are which definitely does not require any technical knowledge.

  25. Monidipa says:

    I do agree with you completely here. One reason why blogging is so popular is that it is surprisingly easy. Although in the past you had to be somewhat skilled at web design in order to create an online presence, blogging makes this easier than ever before. … Promoting a blog is easy as well.

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