Book Review – All Drama, No Queen

When I first came across the title of the book, I expected a completely ‘chick-book’ full of drama. Then I read the blurb and was intrigued as it seemed like a story about star-crossed lovers. When I read the book, I found that it was all this and much more!

Andaleeb Wajid is an amazing storyteller and ensures that you are hooked to the book & to know what happens next with many twists and turns.

The Prologue sets the stage for budding friendship between Farida & Irshad, which you fully expect to turn into a romance with the blessing of their parents. However, this is the first twist or ‘drama’ – as later you learn the love story took a different path altogether. Then the present-day story starts off and shocks you as you find Irshad engaged to Shagufta while clearly, Farida loves him. As the story progresses, we learn of the twist of fate that has led to this situation.

The next drama is about the mysterious Reshma Phuppu – who is she, what is her role in the attack on Irshad, what is her interest in Farida? Many questions, the answers to which are revealed slowly throughout the book.

Of course, there is plenty of drama with the love stories – the first is the triangle featuring Farida-Irshad-Shagufta. Who does he finally choose and what are the repercussions of his choice, the romance and attempted seduction make for very interesting storytelling, sometimes bordering on the funny side.

The second love story is of Farida’s best friend who has been her rock through the years – Priya and her relationship with Ajay – widower & father to a young girl.  Drama & humor here as well with how the parents try to formalize the relationship against what the couple actually want.

And for good measure, we also have a filmy style kidnapping, escape, and the eventual capture by the police. Till the end, the author keeps us guessing if Irshad and Farida will end up together or break up after all that they have been through.

So yes, there is plenty of drama in the book and there is a queen too…but no drama queen!

The storytelling is smooth and very relatable to the present day.  No character is perfect but is portrayed as human and having small flaws like how any of us would have. If you like modern-day romances with some thrill & action thrown in, this is a great book to satisfy you. Being a Bangalore gal myself, I was also able to relate to the description of the city and the area that the house is set in.

Title :  All Drama No Queen

Author :  Andaleeb Wajid

Category L : Romance, Fiction

Language : : English

No. Of Pages : 226

Available On Kindle Edition & Paper Back

Rating By The Scarlett Dragonfly  : 4.5 / 5

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