10 Simple Tips For Weight Loss & A Fitter You!

Eat Right To Lose Weight

Many of us have struggled with weight issues at one point or another. I too have had my share of woes with weight issues. All through my childhood and college days, I was the correct weight and quite lean. While I have never been a sports or exercise enthusiast, I love walking. During those days, since I had only a bicycle, I either cycled or walked most of the time. Add to this, I also played badminton on & off.  Being from a Tamil Brahmin family, we usually were done with dinner by 8.30 pm. I followed this with a stroll before hitting the bed. As with many from our generation, I also helped out with household chores like sweeping & mopping. All this helped me keep fit and my weight in check.

However, this changed once I started working. The erratic hours and easy access to a bakery just below the office (with desk delivery!) had me eating junk, which I was not used to. The walking, cycling, and badminton too soon reduced because of the hours. Within 2 years, I also got married and set up a new home with my husband. With no parents in the house to supervise, I got into the habit of reading late into the night, which affected my sleep quality. Slowly but steadily my weight increased. Then in 2013, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which meant my metabolic rate was very low. I was never a big eater, but my body was unable to burn what little I ate. Things only got worse as time went by – and during the pandemic, I gained 4 kgs.

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In December last year, I started having problems with my periods. After putting it down to stress, hereditary issues, early menopause, and other things, I finally made an appointment with the doctor in early March. The tests showed that part of the problem was because of weight gain and if I didn’t do something about it soon I would probably have to go in for surgery.

This was a wake-up call of sorts for me. I was always comfortable in my own body and never one to bother about size as long as I was healthy and fit, and so had never considered dieting. And like I said, I am not a big eater and by now had cut down on junk food as well. ( I am self-employed and work from home now most of the time….so not easy access to the bakery 🙂 ). So…I really did not know how to reduce weight without compromising on my dietary needs.

Finally, I reached out to a good friend who is also a well-known dietician and clinical nutritionist – Ms. Swati Narshana. After understanding my health issues and lifestyle, she came up with a plan for me. She was wonderful to work with and made weekly follow-ups on my improvement and changed the diets regularly so that my body did not get used to a particular routine and continued to burn fat. My biggest challenge was maintaining the meal times – so she worked with me on this drawback and helped me get on track with the timing as well. In two and half months I managed to lose 6 kilos, which I had never thought was possible. I now feel lighter and more agile.

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Here are some tips for a healthy weight loss that worked well for me

  1. Don’t go on a crash diet or follow fad diets.
  2. Consult a good dietician to set up a plan based on your individual needs. Eat a well-balanced diet for wholesome nutrition.
  3. Start your day with some form of simple cleansing like having hot water and lemon. It helps remove toxins and aids the diet you follow throughout the day for weight loss
  4. Eat at regular intervals. This helps address over-eating and controls meal portions.
  5. Have an early dinner – preferably by 7.30-8 pm
  6. Exercise daily. I walked for an hour every day and also did some simple muscle strengthening exercises at home like squats, planks, lunges etc., for 15-20 mins
  7. Get ample sleep. There is a reason why it is said you need to sleep for 8 hours. With enough sleep, you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the new day
  8. Don’t stress. Stress not only affects our mental health but has an impact on physical health as well, including weight gain. This by far was the most difficult for me with the loss of loved ones and health scares during this pandemic.
  9. Don’t weigh yourself every day. The scale may not show a daily decrease and you could get disheartened.
  10. Be persistent and consistent. Some of us may take longer to drop the weight than others. Don’t give up. Also once you have dropped the weight, don’t go back to your old ways but make this a way of life for continued health benefits.

I now plan to continue this journey with a healthy lifestyle and I aim to drop another 10 Kgs by the end of 2021. This should take me to my ideal weight based on my age and body type. As I said, for me, it is not about inches but staying healthy and happy. 

Have you faced any challenges with your weight that gave you a health scare? What changes did you make in your lifestyle to get healthy? Do write to me…I would like to trade notes about this journey, with you.

You can connect with Ms.Swati Narshana via LinkedIn or follow her Facebook page Healthy With Swati.

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  1. Bharti Bhuwania says:

    It was useful reading…btw loved the way it’s written

    1. Thank you!

  2. Asha says:

    Wonderful 👌 I also have a severe weight issue, which so far wasnt serious but now have started affecting my health. Its inspiring to see how u did it. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Asha. Glad to see my post connected with you. All the best for your journey into health & fitness.

  3. Swati Narshana says:

    Absolutely wonderful experience!! Worth read by one and all !! Thanking you Vasumathi.. keep up your positivity and trust the journey. Love and regards .
    Swati Narshana

    1. Thank you for making this possible Swati!

  4. Gunni says:

    Great reading. Once you get into the routine it just gets better and better each day! Keep going Vasu!!

    1. Thank you!

  5. Shridevi Mutnalkar says:

    Congratulations for embarking on this health conscious journey….it will give you happiness that you are investing time and effort in maintaining a good regime for your body.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you Shridevi. Yes….it has a positive impact on the mind and confidence as well.

  6. Purvi Sharma says:

    Really inspiring Vasu. Way to go👏

    1. Thank you!

  7. Ramya says:

    Advise that everyone can follow easily and if done sincerely, should definitely yield the desired outcome!! Great going girls!

    1. Thank you! It is quite simple to manintain once you set the routine. The main issue is getting started 🙂

  8. I am glad that I read this today as I too have a PCOS problem and I am gaining weight drastically. Period problems are normal and also in this phase, I cannot go out gym. I think it’s time to wake up and start a healthy lifestyle …

    1. It is a vicious cycle – problems lead to weight gain and excess weight increases the problem. We just need to make up our minds and take the step to break this cycle. I am sure you will see the positive changes in your health once you start. All the best!

  9. You know Swati, when I stress over and feel too anxious, I feel I am putting on weight. This affects my health. Following your tips and the healthy lifestyle, it feels really nice and motivates me to take a step towards healthy living. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post dear.

    1. Glad this post connected with you. Hope this helps you take the first steps into your fitness journey. All the best.
      Btw, I am Vasumathi……my nutritionist is Swati 🙂

  10. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

    Wonderful post. I also have PCOS and it doesn’t let me loose weight I want to actually. But, I couldn’t give up and willing to go through my fitness journey. Your post gives me the proper motivation I need at this time.

    1. All the best Shreemayee. It is kick-starting the journey that is difficult – one you begin it gets easier. Just like cycling – once you get the hang of it you actually start enjoying and not much excertion is needed 🙂

  11. Suhasini I.P. says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. Your post motivated me a lot to embark on my weight loss journey. 😀

  12. Congratulations on your weight loss, Vasumathi. I have no doubt that you will reach your desired goal by the end of 2021. You have shared simple and doable tips that everyone can follow. The Lockdown has seen many gain weight and reading your post could be an inspiration for them to gain better health as they lose it.
    Also, you write so beautifully. Always a pleasure reading your posts.

    1. Thank you Mayuri. This means a lot!
      If my post is able to motivate some people to start off their journey, then I would have met my goal. We take fitness for granted that sometimes a wake up call is necessary to take a step before something bad happens.

  13. Really wonderful and very informative post. Really easy and useful tips. Your post will help many and me too got some real motivation to start following your tips.

    1. Glad that this post was able to motivate you Smita. All the best for your fitness journey!

  14. Glad to hear that Suhasini. All the best!

  15. intermittent fasting helped me, the post-pregnancy weight was being stubborn and needed a nudge to get my body back on track, Followed most of the points that you have mentioned apart from intermittent fasting which gave the push, and now it’s just routine. Love the font, whats it called?

    1. yes. i have heard a lot of ppl benefit from it.
      The font is called Handlee 😊

  16. Fad diets never help. I do everything you have mentioned so clearly but I am on steroids and will be fat forever I guess. I used to be 38kgs when I got married. Kaash!!!

    1. Size doesn’t matter as some people are just built differently. As long as there are no health issues and you feel fit, it should be fine

  17. I personally do not like crash diets and fads which makes one suffer in terma of hunger and makes them weak and lethargic. Following a healthy lifestyle and eating right will definitely work wonders.

  18. I liked the way you’ve shared your weight loss experience with us. The beautiful writing style plus the easy-to-follow weight loss steps make this post special ❤
    Good luck for the next milestone!!

  19. You are absolutely right about fad diets. The moment you go off them, the kilos come back. During the pandemic, a lot of people are struggling with weight gain because of lack of exercise and the stress. The tips will sure be useful for people.

  20. It is a very motivating post. Even I have gone through weight issues and the efforts to loose it feel cumbersome in the beginning but once you get a hang of it you will fall in love with yourself. best of luck to you.

  21. Couldn’t agree more….a journey most of us can relate to: From thin to fat! Almost similar issues and problems and it has been worth the while to get a handle of sorts on everything – sleep, diet and exercise and Stress – I completely hit the ‘delete’ button> Awesomely written – straight from the heart!

  22. During this lockdown I have gained weight…. And I used to feel uncomfortable because of my increased weight…. I decided to lose my weight by doing workout and eating in very less amount but eating less made me weak…. Then I started eating in right way not in less amount….. This blog reminds me of my healthy diet….. It’s very helpful….. Thanks for sharing….

  23. This is a really hard hitting topic for me…getting ahead of the stress and the crazy routine and making time for yourself is so important..

  24. A healthy lifestyle is the key to real happiness. Thank you for sharing your healthy routine with us too. This covid has made us realize every those thing which somewhere we kept for granted due to our busy schedule maybe. Glad to know this your hard work is paying off, indeed the best feeling ever.

  25. Agree with all your points. I have tried so many crash diets and they don’t work at all. Weight loss is a gradual process.

  26. I agree when ever I feel stressed I eat more. I am glad you managed to shed some kilos. I think its all about being consistent and disciplined. Thanks for sharing your experience and wonderful tips.

  27. I so agree on what you said, it depends on body to body. Some reduce fast and some don’t. I do the same, I just started off working out. Its been a month. Hope to be consistent

  28. People do not realize the importance of sleep for weight loss. Fitness should be a lifestyle change. Just following fad diets to lose weight and gaining it all back going off serves no purpose. On the contrary, they damage the body. You are absolutely right. it is not about inches but staying healthy and happy.

  29. Monidipa Dutta says:

    You have written it well. I have weight issues too. I want to reduce it but I hope this helps.

  30. Your post came at a time when i most needed it . Pandemic ddnt go too well for me ; mentally as well as emotionally , and the workouts & clean eating too went for a toss.
    I too need to bring in these steps and consult a good nutritionist.
    Thankyou for this.

  31. Loosing weight needs consistent efforts and I’m glad you had a good experience with the specialist and a lot more people would benefit since you had shared the contact as well.

  32. Vasumathi, you have listed all the points inn a way that can be accumulated and practised on daily basis. With less of outside walks and sports we have to learn to be fit at home with healthy regime.

  33. I have saved this to circle back and this is what i needed to take that plung to start,,,,,, Morning detox is essential and so is walking

  34. Priyanka Nair says:

    Let’s do it together, Vasu. Even I have decided to lose 8 kgs of weight. I was surprised to see a higher level of bad cholesterol in my report and that too when I eat so less and do cycling on a regular basis. So, yes a lot of consistent care is needed.

  35. Very informative post Vasumathi. Even I am trying to loose weight but seems like a very difficult task. Will sure follow these tips.

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