Book Review : The Maharaja’s Fake Fiancée

I came across The Maharaja’s Fake Fiancée when I was looking for some light reading. This is one of the few Romance books I have read that has an Indian setting and I really enjoyed it.

The author Alisha Kay is quite the storyteller, considering that this is her first book. She has made sure there is a bit of everything that makes it like a Bollywood Blockbuster – intrigue, romance, fun, banter, jealousy, heartbreak, and of course a scheming villain. All this is power-packed into just under 200 pages, making it a book that you can finish reading in one go.

The story starts off with a tragic incident and keeps up the suspense – the reason for the triple tragedy is slowly revealed in bits and pieces throughout the book. The narrative flows smoothly, frequently going to a little flashback and coming back to the present time. It also alternates between the viewpoints of both the protagonists’ Veer and Nivy seamlessly.

Nivy and Jesse are best friends since childhood despite the difference in their social status. Each of them is thrown in with the other’s brother (Aryan & Veer respectively) because of their friendship. The book explores the changing relationships between the four, though the main focus is on Nivy and Veer. The book also explores each set of siblings’ relation with their parents and how they are different.  This is shown in the first few pages of the book itself.  In fact, though Nivy loves her mother, it is this relationship that makes her doubt her self-worth and almost throw away her chance at true love and happiness because of the fear that she would have an unsuccessful marriage.

The book revolves around Nivy, an actress, and Veer, the Maharaja of Devgarh. Though they know each other since childhood and have a secret crush on each other, they decide to fake an engagement for a temporary period of time to get out of unwanted relationships foisted on them by their family. What journey this fake engagement takes and do they really fall in love with each other is what makes this book an interesting read.  This journey is full of spirited banter, undeniable chemistry between the two, loyalty towards each other, and some soul searching as well.

The characterization by the author Alisha is to the point.  The dignified and precise Veer, the fun-loving and independent Nivy, the caring friend and sister Jesse who has a naughty streak as well, the successful but self-centered brother Aryan, the always supportive Rani Ma, and the disappointed parents of Nivy – all are described so well and help stitch the story together. Even the haughty Tejpur guests help show the stark difference between the two royal families and the unsuitability of a marriage between the families.

The book has some unanswered questions though. Like why Jesse chose to marry Deep in the first place and called it off suddenly. Was there anything between her and Aryan or is the author just playing with the reader’s mind. And why does Rani Ma go along with Veer and Nivy’s scheme when the stakes are quite high if they are found out.  As this story is Devgarh Royals Book 1, maybe the latter books will answer these questions. I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series!

Title : The Maharaja’s Fake Fiancee

Author : Alisha Kay

Category : Romance Fiction

Language : English

No. Of Pages : 192

Available On : Kindle Edition

Rating By The Scarlett Dragonfly : 4/5

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