Celebrating Womanhood: My Idea Of Feminism

It is Women’s Day, and all around there are events organized, discounts offered, and plans being made for this day. This is the commercialized version of the celebration.  Internationally, March 8th is celebrated to bring attention to important issues such as feminism, gender equality, violence, and abuse against us women. I think it is our knack to bond over ‘girly things’, dressing up, multitasking with ease, or caring for everyone that adds more charm to this world. This is what the commercialized hype around Women’s Day cashes in on. Nothing wrong in celebrating Women’s Day or even not celebrating it – again it should be HER CHOICE.

Over the years, I have come across many kinds of women – the ones who fight for women’s rights, the ones who fight for everyone’s rights, the pseudo-feminist who doesn’t do anything without her husband’s approval, the silent docile woman who doesn’t speak up, the one who controls everyone around and so many more!

So when there are so many different women, why is ‘women’s rights’ still a sore subject? During a casual dinner with friends, a similar question was the topic of discussion. The men around the table are supportive of the women folk (at least I haven’t seen or heard otherwise). Their point was that women being suppressed or oppressed was no longer such a big issue as the men around are changing. Yes…. men are changing but still it is a long road to go before the journey is complete. While the expectation is for the world to change, here is how we as women can add traction to this change.

Own Your Difference

Women are different than men not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.  Instead of trying to become men, why not revel in our differences so that we can make the most of them. Feminism or equal rights is not about becoming men or replacing them. Let us enjoy these unique qualities without any competition. We should know what our strengths and weakness are. There is no shame in asking for help to overcome a challenge. In fact, it takes a strong person to admit they are facing a challenge and ask for help.

Change The Narrative

Women have the ability to change the world. We are the first teachers of our children. Let us make use of this opportunity to teach the next generation to follow their dreams and to respect each other, immaterial of their gender. We can influence future generations to grow up with this mindset.

Also, let us lead by example by making slow but sure changes in our own relationships.  Though easier said than done, we must stand up for ourselves and say no to abuse (physical and emotional) from others. This one will be a little trickier to navigate if we have been putting up with abuse for many years. Instead of arguments and fights, we must use patience and persistence to bring about this change. Sometimes even talking about it is enough to bring about a change as abuse may not even be deliberate. It could be subconscious and a byproduct of how people were brought up.

Understand Feminism

To me, feminism is not about bashing all men. Or proving how women are better than men. Not all men are bad. Some are in fact the wind beneath our wings, pushing us to fly. It is about equality. That to me means, sharing both the rights (that we are fighting for) and the responsibilities equally.  This point especially is a pet peeve and it deserves a separate blog.

Support Your Tribe

As women, we must support and encourage each other. Look for the silver lining in each person, support their initiatives, or just be there when they need someone.  Pay compliments if you truly liked something, even if don’t know the person. It can brighten up their day. I experienced the magic of this firsthand on my recent trip with my girl pals. If you are responsible for women staff, train them on etiquette, navigating office politics, and groom them to grow into the next level.  Talk to your house helps about healthcare, the importance of financial independence, and about things that will make a positive difference in their lives.

As they say, Rome was not built in a single day. These changes too will not happen overnight. Yes, there is a lot of chatter around women’s rights and it is heartening to see positive changes. The heart hopes for better days to come in the future where it is an equal world in the truest sense.

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  1. I agree we need to change the narrative and accept that women are strong and capable. But as you rightly pointed out, the men are slow in their response. Nevertheless, Happy Women’s Day.

  2. I so agree with you. Women are strong already. and su[sporting your tribe is something that needs more push among all women. this empowers and lifts up more women

  3. Yes, we are surrounded by different kinds of woman, strong, independent but still unable to make decision, strong willed, capable, and some are weak. But every thing is depends on men, which are in their life. Our life still controlled by the men’s in our life directly or indirectly. Hope this will cahnge.

  4. Anasua Basu says:

    I loved the concept your pout forward in how w just change of perspective is needed not women becoming more stronger or something. Also, the ways you gave by which women can ad traction to change of this perception are really helpful.

  5. In this blog you talked about the type of women you came across in your life and surprisingly I too have experience of meeting similar categories of women. I am OK with all types except the one you mentioned as ” feminist who doesn’t do anything without her husband’s approval”. Unfortunately I feel bad even to call them as human beings . One who have no self respect and believes in living as husbands puppet in the house with pride of being ” Sati Savitri” I am sorry I cant call then humans. The bad part of the story such women are curse for other women as establishing a wrong picture about Indian women. History speaks about the bravery of the Indian queens and freedom fighters and now what we are having is making many of feel shy. They dont understand the meaning of feminism and creating hindrances for those who want to make a place for them in the society with hardwork and dedication. I am always ready to support the tribe you talked about but are they ready to take the support to create the difference in the society? That’s the real question which is still unanswered by many.

  6. That seems to be one honest post women and men should be aware of their differences and accept and also support each other . Great read for today I think this one is.

  7. This is such a lovely post Vasu. I totally feel that women tribe should support each other. The soul of sisterhood has to be nurtured.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your candid blog, Vasumathi. I strongly believe in what you said about women don’t have to behave like men, for equality. Why are we losing out the feminity? We can be feminine and firm in our gender equality. You don’t have to roar like a lion to prove anything. We should treat the house help and any other women staff well.

  9. I love the way you have put it, women rights are not up for competition with men it is something for everyone to know and respect. Loved the post

  10. So far your article is the best article I have read on feminism. It is balanced both ways and clearly points out how feminism is not being better than men or comparing ourselves to men but to be ourselves and support each other as a tribe.

  11. One of the most objective and accurate narratives I’ve read on feminism, really!

  12. Interesting…there are many aspects to this day and the way it is celebrated. A lot is changing and women have to step up more to empower themselves and those around them.

  13. Your post is on point. Feminism is about equal rights, not about superiority or replacing men. Twisting it into a male-bashing one does more damage than good.

  14. Love how this blog highlights the true essence of Women’s Day and how it goes beyond just the commercialized version of the celebration. It is essential for women to own their differences and understand feminism as it is about equality rather than proving superiority. Supporting and encouraging each other is crucial in bringing about change. The post reminds us that although it may take time, our actions and mindset can influence the future generation and pave the way for an equal world. Very good message

  15. I totally agree with your idea of feminism. I was nodding as I was reading your post. Feminism is about being treated equally. It also does not mean women can demand special attention when it suits them.

  16. I always believe that women are special the way they are and they shouldn’t try to become like men. Acceptance of who we are, moving forward and supporting each other is the best way to celebrate ourselves, with or without any special days.

  17. Yes, I too believe that, women rights are not up for competition with men it is something for everyone to know and respect. loved it the way you wrote.

    One important role that women often have is that of being the first teachers of their children. The education and values that women impart to their children can have a profound impact on their lives and on society as a whole.

  18. I enjoyed reading your post and also could not agree with you on this. We should not compete with men and also, should not use the woman hack to supress any issue. It is important to know what to do and what not to do. Being a woman definately I can see how men are changing these days but as you said it’s long way to go, still I guess the world is changing and we should know the womens right and how to be moved forward.

  19. I agree what you have written here. Women are already strong, they just need to understand their strength. Happy Womens Day.

  20. It’s been a long time since feminism has been viewed as being soft. Nowadays, it roars courage, confidence, and power. Being a woman, myself, with 2 daughters, I can’t help but be proud and happy, and do also my part to make this happen and be viewed the same way in the society.

  21. Can I say ‘been there and met them’? I’ve practically met all the types of women you listed at the beginning of your blog and admired some and hated some. I never see women bond or simply hang out like men, without pretense, show off, and any inhibitions to prove that they are in a great space. Once we can simply be us and attain all our dreams without any cries of gender disparity or inequality, bias, or abuse, we Women will always be considered the ‘weaker sex’. Here’s hoping to get what we deserve without having to fight for it.

  22. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    A refreshingly real post. Thank you Vasumathi.

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