Dragonfly: A Symbol Of Transformation

May is a difficult month for me. We lost Scotty in May, 6 years ago. Even when I don’t want to think about it, subconsciously many things resurface at this time. The rains in Bangalore, timeline reminders of the last photo that we clicked together, random reminders of things that we did together, and involuntary reaction of my own body to the stress of it all. In all this, there are some other signs too that I believe is Scotty telling me he is looking out for me.

The time around the anniversary during the COVID lockdown was particularly difficult to navigate with the added stress of health concerns of loved ones and not being able to meet anyone. Smokey came to us that year on the date that we lost Scotty. It was not planned and the last thing I expected was to see a little Dalmatian trotting into my home. But that is what happened and my life was changed completely. Again! I firmly believe that this was Scotty looking after us and sending us love in stressful times.

This year too something happened that others might call a mere coincidence. But I believe in signs, especially when it is dragonflies. If you have read my blog on how the name The Scarlett Dragonfly came about, you would that Scotty was the main reason that I started blogging. The Dragonfly part in the name is a nod to him as I had started seeing Dragonflies too many times for it to be just a coincidence after I lost him. When I read up on the significance and animal totem for Dragonflies, the underlying theme seemed to be rebirth, new beginnings, hope, change, love, and guardian angels.  I chose to believe that it was Scotty’s way of telling me that all would be ok.

This year I received 2 unexpected gifts in May – both dragonflies. The first was a beautiful bookmark from Cindy. Being an avid reader, this was a gift that I appreciated very much. The next was from Kaveri and came on the actual anniversary date. She had ordered a beautiful neckpiece for me 2 months ago but as fate would have it, I got it on 27th May. It was meant to be.

Both these girls are good friends and fellow bloggers too. While they know of my connection with the dragonflies, I believe the fact that these much-appreciated gifts came to me in May is more than a mere coincidence.

As they say, everything rests on your faith. It is our belief that helps us move forward. I choose to believe in the symbol of the dragonfly. I choose to take away the positives and not dwell on the reason why it became significant for me. It empowers me as a symbol of transformation & self-realization, encouraging me to have faith even in the face of difficulties.


What do you think of symbolism? Have you experienced any? Do they have deeper meanings or are they mere coincidences? Would love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. Hey there! Stumbled upon your post on the WordPress feed and couldn’t resist saying hello. I’m already hooked and eagerly looking forward to more captivating posts. Can’t seem to find the follow button, haha! Guess I’ll have to bookmark your blog instead. But rest assured, I’ll be eagerly watching for your updates!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

    1. Aastha says:

      Believing in things helps and I beleive in such coincidences. When we believe in the good things the good people get attracted to our good magnet.

  2. Hey there! We truly appreciate reading people’s blogs and the thoughtful content that creators like you produce . Your authentic voice enhances the engaging online community that we all value . Keep writing and inspiring your audience, because your creativity can make a lasting impact on the world. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create next!

    Thanks- Jason

  3. Everything in in the mind. When e think good, good things happen and good people are drawn to us. Such beautiful gifts.Much love to you.

  4. Gifts and universe are synchronised. Glad you have such wonderful friends who give you soul food! Dragonflies are fragile like butterflies and can help us fly easily to the inner realms. They are a beautifulspirit animal if you need to connect with the spirit realm.

  5. I first read about Dragonflies when I reviewed a restaurant by that name and got to understand their life cycle and tenacity. This post warmed my heart knowing about how Scotty passed and Smokey arrived. It is tough to lose your loved ones and yet the circle of life repeats itself. Those were thoughtful gifts! Wish you happiness and peace !!

  6. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    oh myyyy!!! when u mentioned the co incidence to me the day I sent the gift Vasu, I didn’t pay much heed to it but now when I read your blog it literally gave me goose bumps.
    I too believe in co-incidences n the ‘univesrse conspiring’ theory and there have been many instances that have left me thinking omg! but can’t recollect any at the moment.
    Anyway, loved reading your blog… it’s so beautiful and heartfelt💖

  7. This heartfelt post resonates deeply, Vasumati. I didnt know about symbolism but my DIL told me that loved ones are around as butterflies.Recently i have been seeing butterflies hovering around me on my morning walk and I keep saying-Hi beta to them as if they were my son. true or not it surely feels good.

  8. I’m a firm believer in the magic of coincidences and the idea that the universe conspires in mysterious ways. It’s fascinating how those serendipitous moments can leave us in awe, making us exclaim, “OMG!” Although I can’t recall any specific instances right now, your post reminded me of the countless times when the universe seemed to align just perfectly.
    Your ability to capture emotions and express them with such grace is commendable.

  9. Whaw thats deep, frankly speaking never went into a particular symbol as such may be it is based on someone who actually tale deep notice which I haven’t really. But really whatever be the cause you come tru happy thats what matters. So cherrs to the Dragonfly who keeps you moving stronger forward.

  10. That’s called true friends love as i call it… you are blessed Vasu to have such adorable friends like Cindy and Kaveri who loves you unconditionally and feels your emotions so well. After knowing the story behind naming your blog I will not head towards Google to check out more details on Dragonfly … and who knows perhaps your post will be an inspiration for me to come up with a blog on Dragonfly very soon. I can understand the emotions that you hold for Scotty … trust me this baby of yours is still noticing you from the sky and smiling. Look up and watch the sky… found that bright twinkling star…. Its Scotty…. watching you …. Scotty send Smokey to you and I believe in that. I will not say that I experienced symbolism but somehow I get the vibes of something going to happen. One of the weird vibe that proved correct in my case was…. I was getting a feel that my husband is going to fall from the strairs… and will call me for help….. I was sitting in my room in front of my lappy and in few minutes time I heard the sound of him falling and he was taking my name… I was in a freeze state … hearing the sound I ran and saw him shivering in pain….. somehow I managed my mind and helped him to move and he was in acute pain with hairline fracture in hand. I pray never such negative vibe come in anyones life.

  11. I feel there is a connection between symbols with unknowns, it’s difficult to explain sometimes. I feel connected to peacocks I really don’t know why but their presence in some form gives me immense happiness. In the city I live in I am sure I will never find it except in a zoo but whenever I get a chance to travel my heart longs to see it in sight.

  12. I’m glad this sad story had a happy ending. Scotty might brought some loneliness to you but great memories would surely keep his spirit alive! Having a dragonfly as symbol is quite unique though. Mostly others would choose having a butterfly instead. Upon reading the whole blog, I fully understand afterwards why and the significant value it holds for you.

  13. Such a heartfelt post, Vasumathi. I do feel our lost loved ones look over us and send us signs when we need the most. Or when we question our faith. It cannot be a mere coincidence. The gifts are so beautiful and precious.

  14. Beautiful post. I have also felt things that cannot be always coincidences. Scotty sent you Smokey because he wanted you to heal. Our guardian angels are always watching over us.

  15. That was a beautiful expression of words. I believe there is coincidence or faith the things that are meant for us are what the universe wants to give us. blogging and blogger friends are precious as you said.

  16. I commend your remarkable skill in capturing emotions and articulating them with elegance. I too strongly embrace the enchantment of coincidences and the notion that the universe operates in enigmatic ways. It’s captivating how those unexpected moments can leave us astounded. There is definitely a reason why dragonflies appear in your life. It’s serendipitous and meant to be. I lost my doggie-child 9 months ago and I too feel that I get signs that he is around. The love never fades.You’ll always carry Scotty in your heart like I do for Sherlock, my Labrador. May you be blessed with happy moments with Smokey and may the dragonflies keep coming to you with their messages and love from the skies. Hugs to you!

  17. That’s such a heartfelt post! I love dragonflies too and these two trinkets are so pretty! Didn’t know that they are symbolic of something so significant! Take it as a sign from above!

  18. I do believe in coincidences and These type of coincidences are truly some indication. I believe you when you say scooty is with you even after not being with you. I believe that scooty is looking at you, and giving you some amazing indications for sure. Just breathe in, close your eyes and try to feel those beautiful moments spent with the lovely creature.

  19. Shalini R says:

    What a heartwarming post this is. I have a furry friend too and I can’t imagine something happening to him. I totally understand and feel you. Also, what thoughtful gifts! I love it when I am given gifts with such personal touch. Thank you for enlightening me with what dragonfly stands for.

  20. Vidya says:

    I loved the way you have thread in writing, there holds a love book where there are gaurdian angels fulfilling everyone’s space by filling one after another, more power to you, nice gifts and the name dragonfly is unique..

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  22. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    A lovely post and I’m glad you have chosen to see the positive in every experience.

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