How Can We Curb The Omicron Spread?

I sincerely hoped 2022 would be different than 2021, which was a pretty terrible one for me. The New Year began well enough, but within a week small heath issues cropped up which thankfully have been resolved.

One of the resolutions for the new year we, as a couple made, was to covert one of the rooms into a proper workspace so that each of us has a separate nook and the others rooms stay clear of papers and laptops. This meant getting rid of a lot of things that we had stored in that room. When we were doing this revamp, my husband developed some throat irritation. I put that down to the dust during the cleaning, which he is very allergic to. However, with Omicron cases spreading like wildfire in my apartment complex, a few friends who we had met developed symptoms and later tested positive. While wishing them a speedy recovery, I was also worried for my husband who is very asthmatic.  The experiences of the terrible 2021 played across my mind and created a lot of anxiety. We did a test, which thankfully came out negative. However, since he still had the irritation, we proactively decided to isolate and avoided stepping out of our home unnecessarily for a few days.

This incident and the rising caseload around me got me thinking that since the symptoms were mild, similar to the common flu, people were becoming a little lax and this, in turn, was causing the rapid spread. People were walking around without a mask, not declaring after home tests which became positive, clearly having symptoms of cough and cold but still out and about business and probably infecting others. While most people were recovering well, this lax behavior was putting others at risk. Since I follow the COIVID-19 daily counter for Karnataka and Bangalore, I could see that while the % age was low (due to a high no. of cases) the absolute number of deaths were high – most likely people who may have health issues, the elderly and the unvaccinated population.

With educational institutions, offices, and entertainment opening up, all of us must now exercise caution and act responsibly to keep ourselves and each other healthy.

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A Few Simple Tips To Act Responsibly And Curb The Omicron Spread

  1. Follow COVID-19 appropriate behavior, even if you are vaccinated and have already got your booster shot. Mask up and maintain distance when in public. Wear the mask correctly and use one that fits well and is suggested by the relevant authorities.
  2. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. I cannot emphasize enough on this one, as many of us have become complacent. Do this especially in public spaces where you are likely to touch surfaces that others have come in contact with, even if others give you weird looks or call you over-cautious. I have found that carrying a small spray bottle helps better than a gel bottle as it can be used both on the hand as well as sprayed on any surface.
  3. Avoid meeting people if you have any symptoms like a mild cold or cough. Even if your test comes back negative, it is better to stay home for a few days and recuperate than to meet people and spread it (even if it is just common flu). You will never really know what the immunity levels of another person are or what responsibilities they have which can be compromised due to a COVID infection.
  4. Even within your home, isolate yourself. Eat healthy wholesome food, take regular medications and monitor your vitals.
  5. Gargle with hot water and salt (or medicated on doctor’s advice) and take steam regularly. Take Vitamin supplements. We can do this as a preventive practice, even if we have no symptoms. You can also take immunity boosters after consulting with your doctor. There are many options available in Ayurvedic and Homeopathy as well if you don’t like to pop regular pills unnecessarily.
  6. Avoid gatherings with many people, especially if it is unnecessary. If it cannot be avoided, follow COVID-19 protocol and keep your mask on.
  7. If you are hosting, firstly ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary. Look at the numbers and try to keep them as small as possible. Also, look at options which are in the open than in closed spaces as there is better ventilation.
  8. As new variants of the COVID-19 virus come up, read up on all the symptoms and stay updated about the treatments.
  9. Lastly, learn to relax. This one is a note to self as I had panicked during this episode because I had met my parents and 97-year-old grandmom during this time as we both did not have any symptoms. This panic lead to a full-blown migraine that lasted for almost 2 weeks. Learn to relax, breathe and take things in your stride. Do something you like, exercise, or meditate to take your mind off things.

As life slowly returns to normalcy, it does not mean we have overcome the virus or that we can get complacent. It just means that many of us can no longer afford to stay in the safety of our homes. We have to learn to co-exist with the virus for the coming few years and act responsibly towards ourselves and others.

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  1. Glad your Husband tested negative! The Pandemic is not over yet and we must practice all the things you mentioned. Staying updated about the symptoms and treatments is very essential.

  2. This was a very informative blog. It’s good to remind people how to stay safe and why it is important so thanks for penning it down.

  3. Thank you for this informative blog post and the helpful tips.

  4. I have lost 2 of my family members to Covid. And it wasnt easy to get back on track. Thanks for this information. It was be very helpful.

  5. Flavia Cutinho says:

    I have understood one thing during this Covid Phase that no matter how many times you repeat the same things yet there are a few which take it for granted. Wish people take such useful information into serious consideration.

  6. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    I totally agree with you on the part that if we have any symptoms of common cold or the flu, we must isolate ourselves . This post should reach all the covidiots around🤭

  7. Thanks for the informative post. Such a detailed post on Omicron. I am following the rules, let’s hope for a better future.

  8. I completely agree. I was and I am someone who still fears to step out. I only do when there is a need but still my entire family caught it all due to negligence and irresponsible behavior of few elders. People now. Treat this as flu and take it light. But that one week was hell on earth to me

  9. It’s better to be vigilant and follow all protocols than rushing out at will. Covid isn’t gone yet and we must continue the practice to sanitise and mask up.

  10. I can relate to your worries and anxieties around COVID, because of similar experiences. Most of all, I relate to the last point, because very recently I came in contact with someone who was in contact with someone who tested positive. Although the exposure was indirect, I freaked out and was on the edge for almost an entire day.

  11. Good to hear that your husband is okay. You are absolutely right. People are lax now and not taking precautions. They think that Omicron is mild. People are still getting infected and losing loved ones.

  12. Omicron time is flooded with a lot of information and misinformation. One such news i heard was that if you get omicron you won’t ha e delta. While we are not sure about the authenticity, if it is true who had omicron are immune. This was my notion and then I got omicron. My God i was nearly dead. Now I am taking all precautions. Bookmarking your post for future reference

  13. I totally agree with you. We have to go to work as sometimes work from home is not an option but with the number of rising cases it is equally important to adhere to all Covid appropriate behaviour if not for urself atleast for your loved ones. Sanitisation is a must if not just wash your hands everytime you go outside. I do hot water gargles at night just to be on the safer side. We can help curb the spread if we ourselves follow the rules.

  14. I so agree with all your points here, we do practice all covid safety measures right from putting up a mask to sanitising fruits and vegies which most of the people around me thinks is Redudant. But, I do what I think is necessary to keep ourself as well as others safe. We all can only Hope this shall pass soon.

  15. All those people who got negative report through out pandemic are really under God’s grace. Yes, pandemic is not yet over but it’s all about our dose which had minimized the effects. We need to follow all those measures which can keep us safe.

  16. I do understand the concern. We all were down with C last month and it is devastating. The threat of spreading infection to others looms large. You put together some valid points.

  17. I completely agree with you. People have such a don’t care attitude.I went to a store and the lady at the counter was not wearing a mask.I asked her to put it on and she said..I have had both vaccines. Nothing will happen. Here my daughter had a booster too and she had Covid starting with 104 temperature last week. Even my 7-year-old grandson.
    2021 was the worst year of my life.I lost my son. Like you even I thought 2022 would be different. Wishful thinking on my part. I have been seriously unwell since December and still am.
    Your Covid tips are bang on but there are many who are living life on the edge.

  18. Exactly Vasumathi. Covid is still very much around. And by taking it lightly and being negligent, we are just extending its stay. Glad to know that your husband is okay. I can imagine the tense moments.

  19. Its glad to know your husband did not get affected. You have mentioned the exact ways to go about from now onwards, as the pandemic is still not over, only we are aiming to return to normal lives.

  20. The pandemic isn’t over and is more than likely to stay – thank you for sharing some words of wisdom. Hoping for a happier, healthier world very soon but in the meantime, it’s up to us to curb the spread.

  21. Swati Mathur says:

    You have sums it up beautifully. All these suggestions if followed sincerely.. We can save ourself from this deadly virus. Do not stress , just follow covid appropriate behavior

  22. I am afraid to step out. However, your post is really informative. And I wish everyone could think the same like us.

  23. Worst is even many are reinfected, so need to follow all these practices

  24. In my opinion, this is the mildest variant and most contagious. More people contract it, better chances we have to leave this behind. This is our best shot at herd immunity.

  25. I have heard that many people got infected with the new variant. It’s nearly impossible to avoid but we can do our bit to protect ourselves and others too.

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