Food For The Soul-Chai, Samosa, Lots Of Laughter & Friends!

Unexpected meetings can turn out to be so much fun. This is what happened to me the day before yesterday.

We are a group of 13 girls in the apartment that I live in. We call ourselves the FUN GIRLS gang as that is what we do when we meet – always have fun. Be it kitty parties, dancing, discussing books and movies, going out for drives, leisurely lunches, women’s day madness, playing board games, or online Housie sessions during the lockdown – our ultimate goal is to have FUN while doing all of this together. Unfortunately, life has made a few of us move away from the apartment, the city, and even the country. 

So when one of them called out of the blue on Tuesday morning saying she was going to be here at the apartment that evening and asked if we could catch up, the rest of us jumped at the opportunity. With lockdown restrictions easing and all of us having got our vaccinations, it was relatively safer for us to meet.  Instead of meeting indoors, we decided to meet on the apartment lawns and enjoy the cool monsoon weather of Bangalore evenings. Also outdoors meant we could make as much noise as we wanted without disturbing any of the family who is working from home or having online classes.

So all of us eagerly made plans and pooled resources for an impromptu tea party on the lawns. Come 4.30 pm and I as walked towards the lawns my shoe opened up! After limping and dragging myself to the designated meeting point, I frantically called one of the girls and asked her to get me a spare footwear.  Thus our interesting evening started with some drama.

Since all of us also love to eat, there was cake, savory snacks, and biscuits to accompany the tea. Chai was made according to choice – Elachi or Masala, using tea premix and hot water.  And in the typical trend of the group, we forgot to order the samosas. So we ordered on Swiggy and while waiting for it, stopped every Swiggy delivery guy who passed by to ask if he had our samosas 🙂 . I am sure many of them thought we had gone mad.  Of course, there was fun banter, laughter, and sharing of stories as we had not met each other in a very long time. Though we bumped into each other individually, it was almost a year since we all met up together because of the pandemic.  Evening walkers in the apartment too gave us weird looks as not many people picnic on the lawns.

The meeting was rejuvenating for all of us.  While we should be responsible and take care, we realized that it is good to meet once in a while as long as we are taking precautions and being sensible. We humans are social animals and thrive on companionship. Meeting friends and having fun can work wonders as long as we don’t compromise on safety.

And as usual, we made plans for the next meet with the choices being going for a long drive, carrying with us a picnic lunch, or have a pani puri party. Waiting for the next fun session!

PS: We all wore masks. These came off only when we were eating/drinking and for this photo, which was incidentally clicked by the Swiggy guy who finally delivered our samosas 🙂 

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  1. When we meet old friends we become young again! It’s truly a glorious feeling!

  2. Swati Narshana says:

    Simply well written , And worth meeting after long
    Rejuvenate ! Refresh and Rejoice with friends.

  3. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    I absolutely enjoyed reading your blog n reliving that day and I am feeling rejuvenated the way I felt that day too.

    I esp. loved the part about the samosa and swiggy guy… made me laugh 😄

  4. Purvi says:

    It wqs really sooo refreshing meeting all of my friends after soooo long. Looking forward to our next plan. The swiggy guy was the star of this impromptu get together 😂 Always love reading your blog. Keep up the good work ☺️

    1. Anitha reddy says:

      Had a lovely time after a long time the moment I said I was coming to purva all was ready to meet happy to join .T cake samosa snacks biscuits wow so much we enjoyed. Vasu you made our day writing this blog we can never forget the day ❤

  5. Sona Pudi says:

    Very well written as always Vasu !! Being part of this group I know how we can manage to find little joys out of very simple things and this impromptu meet was definitely one of them 😀 Although I was not present but I can definitely imagine how much fun you girls had and the Swiggy thing must have added more spice to the fun – I am imagining it and am lol ! Thanks to technology I could do the watsapp video and see you all laughing and enjoying- keep meeting and having fun ! Let’s do a zoom meet soon

  6. Manjula says:

    Impromptu meets are always the most cherished .. enjoyed everything other day !

  7. Hahaha true. The swiggy guys we called out to probably drove away with fear. But yes, it was a fun meet! ❤️

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