Trusted Tips To Take Care Of Your Dogs In Monsoons

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It is monsoon again. Everything around us is fresh and drenched in the rains. The lovely greenery and cool weather encourage one to go on long walks and people love to take their dogs along as well. While we can enjoy the monsoons safely and comfortably, our furry friends may not be so lucky. Since they don’t speak our language, we may not know they are not doing fine if we don’t take precautions or keep a lookout for the signs. The pandemic & lockdown situation has resulted in many people opting for pets. So this may actually be the first monsoon for many pet parents. Here are some trusted tips that may be useful. 

How to care for your dogs in the rainy season.

Keep The Paws Clean

Rains bring with it a lot of slush and mud. Since dogs love to play and are naturally inquisitive, they can get their paws dirty. Ensure you wash your dog’s paws with lukewarm water after every walk and wipe them completely dry. Check for mud in the nails, between the paws and the belly. This will make sure both you and your dog don’t catch any infection from the dirty paws or body.

Keep Your Dog Dry

Don’t take your dog, especially young pups, for a walk in the rain, even if it is a slight drizzle. They can catch a cold or cough, which can turn to pneumonia. If you are caught unawares in the rain, ensure you wipe your dog as soon as you return home and keep them warm & dry.

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Get Appropriate Gear

These days there are special raincoats and shoes available for dogs to keep them protected from rain. Get good quality rain gear that is of the right size as per the brand. Keep in mind that many dogs don’t like to wear clothes and may not be comfortable in a raincoat.

Prevent Ticks & Fleas

Ensure your dog is bathed regularly. Increase the frequency of baths as they can get dirty more easily. Post bath and on regular basis, ensure you use an anti-tick powder or belt to keep them tick-free. Check every day for hidden ticks in the folds of the ears, paws, etc. To read my earlier post on appropriate care & how to keep your dogs tick-free, click here.

Watch Out For Infections

Skin infections are common in this season – so look out for itchiness, incessant scratches, boils, rashes, etc. There is also a high risk of dogs getting gastro-Intestinal diseases. If your dog has an upset stomach, refusing water, or is not eating properly, consult your vet immediately.  If appropriate treatment is delayed or not given, it can turn serious, especially in young pups whose immunity is low.

Food & Water

Make sure their water bowl is always filled with fresh, clean water. Boiled and cooled water is good for them.  Ensure their food is freshly made. Include high-fiber vegetables like sweet potatoes or pumpkins in their diet. Make sure that there is no fungus on their dry food and treats by storing them in air-tight containers.

Be Responsible

Many infections spread with poop. Ensure you pick up after your dog and properly dispose of poop. If your dog is unwell, keep away from other dogs and do not allow them to play together or mingle as there is a chance of the infection spreading. If you live in a community, inform other pet parents of any infections as they can be alert and keep a lookout for symptoms. 

Make sure that your dog’s vaccination and deworming are up to date. 

Be Vigilant

The rains bring out many reptiles, insects, and bugs. Many of these can harm your dogs. Avoid dark and bushy spots. It is recommended you carry a flashlight during walks at night. Look out for frogs as their secretions can be poisonous if your dog bites them. Snakes too will be encountered more, as will insects, bugs, etc. A lot of weeds and mushrooms too flourish during this season. Make sure your dog does not eat them. If your dog is bitten or shows signs of distress, rush to the vet immediately.

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Empathize And Show You Care

Rains bring with it lightning and thunder. Most dogs are very scared of the loud and sudden noise. Avoid leaving your dog alone during thunderstorms as your presence reassures them that they are protected. Create a safe and secure space for them to crawl into if they so desire. Allow them to stay close to you if they feel safer with you.

By just taking a few precautions, you can ensure your furry friend is happy & healthy and both of you can enjoy the monsoon in all its glory!

If you are a new pet parent or considering getting a pet, you may find the tips in my earlier blog useful. Click here to read my blog.

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  1. Intersting informaiton. It would be helpful to the new owners.

  2. A very useful post, I must say. I am a dog hater newly turned into a dog lover. My daughter got a dog. These tips are really useful. I took her out for a walk this morning but I didn’t clean her paws. t was raining last night. Will surely do so tomorrow. She doesn’t like sweet potatoes but we give her pumpkin which she loves.

    1. Glad you found it useful. Happy Pet Grandparenting 🙂

  3. I grew up in a home where owning a dog was a norm. I have watched my dad and later my brother lovingly take care of our special family member. I loved your post! It is extremely informative. Thank you for writing this one!

  4. This is such a detailed post. I have no experience with pets but if I were to have one at home, your pointers would be very helpful.

  5. We have two dogs, one golden retriever and one german shepherd and they are part of our family. I know how tough to organize them and clean them in the monsoon. My dad follows all the precautions you mentioned here. It is very important to take care of your pets to prevent them from ticks and maggots.

    1. Yes. Dogs sneak into your heart and family 🙂

  6. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay says:

    Though I don’t have any pet, I have no idea about all these. I really appreciate your effort to let us know how to take care of dogs. My aunt owns one labrador and is having some issues. I’m going to share your article so that she can properly take care of her special one.

  7. I dod not have a dog but I think my daughter might want one and emotionally blackmail us into it one day. Your blog has some great tips and I’ll share them over to my friend who owns one.

    1. Believe me it is a beautiful journey if you decide to get a dog. But it is a huge commitment….one needs to be prepared for it. Do ready my post on the reasons for getting a dog and if it the right choice for you. You may find some useful info there.

  8. Priyanka Nair says:

    We never had a pet but my daughter insists often and these are the exact concerns I have, your post address all of it. Still making up my mind 🙂

    1. It is a rewarding relationship and can change you as a person for the better. But the reasons for getting a dog must be right. If you are on the fence, do read my post on the reasons for getting a dog and if it the right choice for you. You may find some useful info there.

  9. These are really useful tips. We used to have a dog a long time back. She loved the rains and we had a tough time keeping her inside.

    1. My fellow, Smokey, hates water. Even a slight drizzle irritates him to no end.

  10. Very informative and useful post. I don’t have any pets but my bestie have , will share this info with her.

  11. Great tips, Vasumathi. Monsoons are the time we need to be more careful about our pets. Particularly with the infections. Your post reminds me of our beautiful lhasa apso who was exactly my age.

  12. I don’t own a dog, but this post somehow instills that feeling of responsibility.

  13. A well researched and useful Post especially for those who wants to have dogs.

  14. Suhasini says:

    Your post details all the issues that we pet parents always face during the monsoons. That’s really a detailed post.

  15. Akanksha Singh says:

    We dobt have a dog but we are planning to adopt one soon. These are very helpful tips and I will certainly keep in mind.

  16. Very informative post Vasu. I am not a dog owner but would love to share this my friends who have one. Pet needs lots of care thats why we decided not to have one.

  17. I am crazy about animals specially dogs. Though i do not have one of my own as my family does not want one. I take care of all the dogs in my society premises. I am so happy to have found such detailed article on your blog for taking care of them in monsoons. Taking care of the dogs is as important as any member of the family during these times. They are a part of our family. Very detailed and descriptive post!

  18. So detailed points about pets. I have no experience with pets but I liked this post so much that I will share with my friends. Thank you.

  19. Very informative and thorough post as always!

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