Pet Play Dates: 5 Big Benefits Of Socializing For Your Dogs

One of the challenges that pet parents living in apartments face is the lack of space for outdoor exercise & play for their dogs. We are one of the few apartment complexes that are blessed to have a dedicated & enclosed space as a Pet Play Area, mainly used by our dogs. The development of this area is one of my proudest achievements so far (efforts of teamwork), as it is a joy to see the dogs enjoying themselves outdoors, socializing and playing with each other off-leash.

I am an active member of the Pet Subcommittee, and we look for ways to brighten the dogs’ lives while also keeping the larger community and its rules in mind. In the past, we have organized vet camps and training camps in the park. Last Sunday too, we had a little event for our furry friends. The Paw La Land Carnival For Pets was organized by Kuddle. The pets had a blast meeting each other, lick painting, winning goodies and treats & posing in the special photo booth. After the 3 fun hours spent in the park with their friends, tired but happy, most dogs were out for the day 🙂

Smokey’s Day Out At Paw-La-Land

HELP!! I am confused. Which Ball Should I Steal?

Picture Paw-fect Family Photo

Smokey is mostly a friendly dog, both to humans and other furry friends as well. His first instinct is to sniff and extend a friendly paw or lick. This disposition I feel is largely because of the ample socializing he did as a puppy. Smokey came to us as a lockdown baby. By the time his vaccinations were completed and he was ready to meet other doggies, the lockdown had lifted but most of us were still working from home. This meant we had extra time on our hands. So a few of the pet parents with dogs in the similar age group started meeting for play dates. For over an hour, the kids played and exhausted their puppy energy. Apart from the fun and exercise, this also helped them develop social skills – which can make a big difference in their temperament. Though now we no longer meet frequently as many have moved away, few still enjoy a play date now and then.

Posing to say Thank You For A Paw-some Time!

Smokey, his BFF Whiskey & their dads

Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why Socializing Is Important For Your Dog

  1. It is easier to start teaching your dog to socialize as a puppy. They start understanding to read people and other animals around them from an early age. It also impacts their reaction to a perceived threat, fear, and display of aggression. They learn to read cues of other dogs like friendliness, aggression, preference to be left alone, tiredness, etc., and react accordingly.
  2. Your dog can find his buddy for life. While you may be his entire world, bonding with their own kind is also important. Similar to how we like having best friends, dogs too can develop lasting friendships with other dogs. The communication they have with each other through the nipping, licking, and sniffing is a positive reinforcement for them.

Smokey bonding in the Pet Park with his friends Whiskey, Bella, Luffy, Coco, Hachi, Mojo & Simba and their parents

  1. Your dog will be happy and confident when they meet other dogs and humans. They are less likely to be scared when going to new places or meeting new people & dogs. This could also help with anxiety if you are leaving the dog alone for some time or boarding him while you are not in town.
  1. Socializing your dog = playtime. They get the exercise they require and burn off all the extra energy. This is possible only with outdoor play with other dogs, immaterial of how much you play indoors. This will also ensure they are not destructive around the house.
  1. The play time also helps you observe your dog and take notes for his training. When you notice your dog doing something inappropriate, you can pull them back to teach them. This helps with their behavioral development.

In play mode, trying to tumble each other!

Obedience training in progress. Woof, we are listening

By nature, dogs are social creatures. So it is in their nature to be friendly, unless they have had a traumatic experience. As a pet parent, you can help with this socializing by taking them to spaces where they can be free around other dogs and humans or by seeking training support if needed. Pets who have not socialized usually are prone to fear new situations and may react by showing aggression. It will also be a challenge for you to take them out on walks or parks or even to visit the vet as they will show fear or aggression.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to carry fresh drinking water as the doggies can get thirsty after their playtime. Carrying treats also is helpful to train them. It can be used as positive reinforcement for good behavior or learning. 

Caution : Start socializing your dog and set up play dates ONLY AFTER all vaccinations are completed and you get a go ahead from your vet.

Flocking for treats!

Goodbye…until tomorrow…hugs and kisses!

Kuddle is a pet services provider in Bangalore, that helps with your pet parenting needs such as grooming, walking, and vet consultation. You can reach them through their website for appointments or to organize a carnival like ours. This post is not a sponsored one, and has been written to share my experiences at the carnival and why socializing of pets is important.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration with Mads’ Cookhouse.

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  1. Wow looks like so much fun!!! Innocence galore!

  2. Anasua Basu says:

    Human beings need to socialise we say, but our animals too. I believe on this and the important points you gave that are needed for dogs to socialize are really a great treat. As I too ahve hard that Doges need to know people and surrounding properly to understand on threats coming towards them.

  3. Dogs are the best! I am not an animal person but I really adore my neighbour’s beagle. She is the biggest stress buster !

  4. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    soooo adorable Vasu n what fun! I wanted to get Smokie but Yonzee said he will get toooo scared n I agreed too.
    it’s so nice to see these cuties having a good time n being in nature n free. such a ‘pawsome’ post🐶

  5. The pets look so happy in the photos. It is amazing you think so much about your fur baby and the event you have organized for them is so cute and loving.

  6. I wish my dog was friendly. It is so difficult to take her for a walk where others walking their dogs. She becomes aggressive and just want to go at other dogs. Even small kids she goes after them. I am lost. i dunno how to make her friendly with other dogs. At home she is a loving dog.Playdate is impossible for her.

  7. I have witnessed the problem pet families face not only in apartments but is lavish villa societies too. Taking the pet out in the nature is a must as that also helps in the healthy growth and development of the pet and also give them the chance to mingle with fellow pet friends of the community. But the conflict always arise between pet lovers and non lovers because of lack of sufficient and ample space for the pets dedicated for them. It happens in my society too and everyday some or the other notices are coming to the members of the society. I am glad to see that at your place you have a systematic planning to help the furry friends to socialize. I am going to share the tips with the society management team and am sure some positive things will work out.

  8. I have never had a pet, but your posts are making me think of keeping a dog. They are so sweet and love other dogs and like playmates. I think, a dog would turn our home into a happier one.

  9. That is such a cute event for the paw babies. I do see some dogs in apartment complexes that are rather aggressive. Perhaps due to a lack of interaction. In fact, we have two right on our floor. One is much more friendly and the other the stark opposite.

  10. My neighbour has a dog that’s with her since he was only a few months old. He remembers all his furry friends from when she took him for walks and I love how excitedly they express their love for each other. Socialising is indeed important, for everyone.

  11. I love the way people think about their pets, I am a parrot lover never really been into dogs. But I have always believed that a pet dog is very emotionally attached to its care taker, and especially seeing the efforts you’ll put behind ur pet, they well deserve it for their faithfulness and love.

  12. These are some fabulous options. We don’t have animals as pets per se, but I am definitely forwarding this blog to my friends who have 4 legged friends living with them. Thanks.

  13. was so new and new informative to learn about pet socializing and the good it could do to pet dogs and pawfect picture was so cute to see.

  14. Our Sandy would have loved this if she was here now. Looks like Smokey is having a lot of fun with his friends. We have a few pet-related events in our complex but not at this large scale.

  15. Pets are indeed a stress buster. It’s heartwarming to hear about your dedication to improving the lives of pets in your community, particularly in an apartment complex where space is often limited. Your efforts in creating a dedicated Pet Play Area are truly commendable, and it’s great to know that the dogs are enjoying themselves while socializing and playing off-leash. The Paw La Land Carnival For Pets sounds like an amazing event, and it’s wonderful to hear that the dogs had a blast participating in different activities, winning goodies and treats, and posing for photos. Keep up the good work, and continue to brighten the lives of pets and their owners in your community!

  16. This is great! I have to try these out for my dogs! They have each other for company but I’m sure this would be some great options to explore for them

  17. I’m not a pet person but enjoyed reading your post and knowing something new today. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This is sooo cute and such a great idea! Not only do our furry pets get to enjoy but we get to mingle as well with other dog-lovers! Such a treat for these dog from their owners and a simple way of saying thank you for the companionship and love.

  19. Growing up with pets I can totally relate to having a pet as a family member. These days there are so many options to indulge the paws. Thanks for sharing the options. Love it. Your pictures are too cute.

  20. I have two pets in my family and I know how to keep them active and how challenging it sometimes. Even our two dogs are playful and need some sort of play dates too. Thanks for such amzing post, now I know how to keep them playful and energetic too.

  21. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I’m not a dog parent but this post certainly put a smile on my face!

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