Fun Activities For Dogs: Lick Painting

If you read my previous post on the importance of socializing your dogs, you would have heard of the lick painting activity that they enjoyed as part of an event that was organized.

Lick painting is an easy activity that one can organize for special play dates for their dogs or even as part of a birthday celebration. It is a nice keepsake for pet parents to take back and proudly display in their homes.

Here is how you can organize the Lick Painting activity for your dogs

Things Needed

  • Small canvas board. (This is easily available online or in any craft shop).
  • Acrylic paints. Choose as many colors as you like.
  • A zip lock cover into which the canvas board can be inserted. (Choose one with a perfect fit for best results).
  • Peanut butter. (Be sure to use only those that are safe for dogs and do not contain Xylitol as even a small amount of it can be toxic).
  • A permanent marker or paint pen

The Activity

  • Randomly place different colored drops of paint on the canvas board.
  • Insert the board into a zip lock cover.
  • Smear the top of the cover liberally with peanut butter.
  • Place the thus-readied canvas board on the ground. Ensure some distance between each so that every dog has space and is comfortable.
  • Now let the dogs go to whichever board they choose and lick off the peanut butter.
  • When the dogs lick the peanut butter, they automatically spread the paint on the canvas board with their tongue, creating unique patterns. Since the zip lock bag is between the paint and the peanut butter, the dogs won’t lick the paint.
  • Allow some time for the paint to dry.
  • Remove the canvas board from the zip lock bag and label it using the marker.


  • Put the paint dollops on the canvas board only when you are ready to start the activity. If you put it in advance, the paint will dry up and will not spread properly when licked.
  • It is recommended to monitor the dogs so that they don’t tear off the zip lock bag when trying to lick the peanut butter. If the zip lock gets torn, they can accidentally lick the paint and that can be toxic.

Lick Painting is a fun activity that involves both the dogs and their parents. You can organize this if you are having a birthday party for your dog. The artwork makes for a great return gift! You can also do this with your dog at home to keep him engaged.

Do try this with your dogs and share it with other pet parents as well, and let me know if you enjoyed it. 

If you have any other fun activities for dogs, do share them in the comments section below. 

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  1. Such a positive and insightful post for the dog parents. I know how useful it is as we too have two dogs in our home and sometimes we look for different entertaining ideas for them.

  2. Oh, very useful for dog parents. I never knew of this activity.

  3. I am not a pet parent. The activity seems to demand a lot of care.

  4. Ohh Myy my painting by dog. Very new topic to me. I don’t have any pet but i know caring of pet is like a caring for baby. I like your post. It is unique and very informative.

  5. This is a unique idea for sure. I have heard of paw painting but lick painting is so much more interesting and personal. On reading your title I was curious on how the dogs can lick off the paint and would it not be toxic for them. On reading the article my doubts were cleared.

  6. What, this is such a fun thing “lick painting” before diving into the post I was like wat kind of paints are these can dogs have them and all sort of questions which were answered simultaneously as I read the post.

  7. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    I found Smokey’s painting too cute and the idea is so creative n adorable. btw, canvas sheets/boards are available in stationery shops as well.

  8. Thank you for sharing this unique and exciting activity for dogs! I had never heard of Lick Painting before, and it sounds like a great way to engage and entertain our furry friends. I love the idea of incorporating it into a birthday party for dogs and using the artwork as a return gift. I will definitely going to ask my dog’s parents’ friends to try this with their dogs. It’s always great to discover new ways to keep our dogs active and happy.

  9. When I read the title, I was wondering how you made it possible since paints are poisonous for dogs. This sounds like fun. Smokey is one blessed one to have you as a paw parent.

  10. I have a Dog lover and furry pet mummy friend and I am going to share this post with her. But I must say the lick painting is very interesting and to be honest pets will find it interesting and will love doing such creative activity. Wonderful , meaningful, helpful and creative post.

  11. This sounds like a fun activity. Imagine how happy they would be when the peanut butter is washed off!

  12. Amazing idea, Vasumathi. I really loved it. Your Smokey is now an artist. Kudos to him and his mom. WE should make their life fun too. Most dogs sleep all day. Mine is so communicative and understands your emotions more than a human.

  13. They sure sound like fun ways of connecting with our 4 legged friends.

  14. Meetali Kutty says:

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing this. I def will have to try this out and make my doggo into the next dog van Gogh!

  15. wondering how you get to such unique things being the best pet parent . Now smokey must have felt the happiest. painting 👌

  16. Aww. Such a cute activity. And so unique as well. I am not a pet parent, but if I ever am, I am surely going to check your posts for activities and recommendations.

  17. OMG this is absolutely novel for me! I am forever in love with your dedication towards the four legged animals.

  18. This is such a cute thing to do with your furbaby. What a great activity as well so you can incorporate your hobby and let your beloved pet join with you as well.

  19. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Wow! Sounds like such fun! The artwork by Smokey is lovely.

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