Tickle Your Taste Buds With This Spicy & Sour Raw Tamarind & Chilli Chutney Recipe

Ask any South Indian & they will tell you the importance of chutneys or tokku in their meals. Many are made to be had with rice, some to be had with idli or dosa. Some can’t be stored for more a couple of days. Here is one recipe that you can make and store for more than month in the fridge.

This is an unique chutney and if you love the sourness of the tamarind, you will love this dish. There is no cooking or tempering involved; it uses just the raw ingredients.

Image Source : Google. Raw Green Tamarind


  • Raw Green Tamarind : 5-6 (size of index finger)
  • Green Chilli : 50 no.s (YES…this is a spicy chutney. But the tamarind balances out the spice)
  • Coriander : 1 bunch
  • Garlic : 100gms peeled
  • Salt : as per taste



  • In a mixer, make a coarse paste of the Green Chillis, Coriander, Garlic & Salt
  • Add 2 table spoons of cooking oil (I use sunflower oil).
  • Remove & set aside
  • Next, make a coarse paste of the Raw Green Tamarind
  • Add the this to the earlier paste, mix well and voila the chutney is ready!

The above recipe makes 250 ml of chutney. This can be stored in the fridge in an airtight, glass jar for a month.

This chutney goes well with many things – as a dip for chips (if you like it spicy), as a dressing for salad (just add some olive oil), as a sandwich spread, as an accompaniment for curd rice, chapattis or paratas and much more!

Do try this and let me know if your like it. You can also check out my other recipes for a Onion chutney that can be enjoyed with idlis, dosas or Paddu.

As I LOVE all things sour, I am also trying out a variation by adding raw mango….will let you know how it turns out!

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  1. I have never tasted a raw tamarind chutney. Definitely trying this one.

  2. I have neither tried nor tasted raw tamarind chutney and I am trying it out soon. The tangy and garlicky taste are the perfect combinations to be had with idli and dosa. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. I love Sour…imli and imli related anything. It looks easy and tasty. Surely try it out. I am BIG chtuney fan. In my fridge i have Karale chutney, Garlic chutney and penut chutney. Loved to try this one. As it is new for me.

  4. Raw tamarind reminds me of school when we would climb up our three-tonner school bus to pick them. But I have never seen it used in a chutney. Thanks for sharing this unique recipe. Now I need to find myself some raw tamarind to give it a try.

  5. I have never heard of this chutney, Vasumathi. Tamarind doesn’t suit me, so I think I would try the mango version as I love anything made with raw mango. In Andhra too we have so many pachadis..Thokku here is for the peel. Does it mean a side dish in Kannada?

  6. tamarind and chilli are two of my guilty indulgences. My teeth may not agree because my enamel gives away when I chew too much tamarind or acidic things. This chutney looks pure heaven to me .

  7. At granny’s place we use to have tamarind, they use to grown them and still do. I know the depth of tamarind.

  8. Reading this post I reminded my Mashi (Mom’s elder sister) she used to make yummy pickle of Tamarind and I used to love it. My tastebud is already tickling now I will ask my husband to bring raw tamarind for this recipe.

  9. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    🤤my mouth is watering Vasu… I haven’t tasted this have I? the method is very easy so I feel like trying it but 50 green chillies😱. I wish u had put up a pic of the chutney… I would have been more motivated to make it…

  10. Seems to be a the Andra style chutney but they are a good treat once in a while and a little could go a long way in such chutneys.

  11. My mom makes this kinda chutney with tamarind. Your recipe looks simple, delicious, and most importantly doable. will surely give it a try.

  12. I tell you, that photo of tamarind have had my tongue salivate already. I can almost taste the sourness of it!haha…I guess this chutney recipe would be amazing! Appreciate you sharing this amazing recipe!

  13. Chutneys are an important aspect of South Indian cuisine, giving flavor to any dish. I, too, make tamarind chutney, but not in this manner. I’m definitely going to attempt this one; I’m hoping my family enjoys it.

  14. This is the first time I am hearing of a raw tamarind chutney. 50 chillies sound too much but I will take your word for it. Surely going to give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Yummy! will try this. As a south Indian myself, I’m so glad to find another chutney recipe for Idli, dosa and paddu.

  16. This recipe is music to my ears- I love spicy and sour! Imli and chili are my BFFS. I have to make this asap- I know it’ll be my go to with everything

  17. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. Will certainly try it at home.

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