Here is a quick snack recipe that we often make at home.  You can make this using just 3-4 ingredients available at home and it is versatile enough so that you can add or replace some of the things with whatever you have handy.

My husband and I love playing rummy. We usually play this to unwind and normally do not play for money. We have a little rummy circle within the apartment complex.  Most of the time, the rummy plan is impromptu and made when we bump into the others on our late-night walks (I am talking of 10pm or beyond). By then, most of them are done with dinner and restaurants are also closed to order in. So this is a rummy-circle favorite snack that is light on the tummy and done in 5 minutes while the table is getting set up for the game.


  • Store-bought split and spiced peanuts (called Congress Kadelekai in Karnataka) : 200 gms
  • One large onion, finely sliced
  • 1 green chili, finely sliced
  • A handful of coriander, finely sliced
  • Half a lemon


OPTIONAL ADD-ONS (as per taste & availability)

  • One large tomato, finely sliced
  • Spiced puffed rice, 100-200 gms (stored bought or homemade)
  • Half a cucumber, cut into small pieces
  • 1 carrot, shredded
  • Half a teaspoon of the spicy & sour raw tamarind and chili chutney (if you want to spice it up!)



  • Take a large bowl and add all the ingredients except the lemon
  • Toss well until everything is mixed
  • Squeeze the lemon on top
  • Toss again until everything is coated
  • Serve in bowls and garnish with a little chopped coriander

TIP: The snack can be made and kept to be used over 2-3 hours. However, if you are adding puffed rice it becomes soggy. So the puffed rice can be added on as & when needed just before serving.

This snack is usually made by my husband and has always been a hit. The serving is not too heavy to be had late at night when you just need something to munch.  Do try it and let me know how you like it.

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  1. I often make this recipe at my home with some variation and everyone at my place liked it so much. it is quick, healthy and we can adjust the ingredients as per taste. your post has made me tempted to eat something like this now.

  2. Anasua Basu says:

    This is really something I need when I and my cousins always do a small night celebration once we al are back home. We too play several indoor games and need always something t the middle of night to eat and continue our games or gossips. The recipes you provided I will them for sure this weekend. Snacks like these can be tasty too will be some i will be trying for the first time.

  3. Both are my favourite go-to meal, actually. I have a mixture of murmured and peanuts at least once a week for dinner. But not the peanuts that you shared. I am going to try this flavour.

  4. Peanuts are my favoruite snack option, as a handful comes under healthy fats. I also add some makhana and rice puffs, makes for a tasty treat.

  5. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    I don’t like to eat peanuts in large quantities so I stay away from it even at get togethers but I’m sure this is a hit as I know everybody loves peanuts. we make something similar with Wai Wai… its pre cooked instant noodles …. we just replace the peanuts with Wai wai… but our star ingredient is raw mustard oil, just a little drizzle… u can try that on your peanut masala too Vasu, esp. when u add muri etc… it will take the taste to another level…

  6. This one is our family favorite. Murmura is stored for my twins now. Every one love this. I never mix onion and tomato together. Will try out this combo

  7. It the perfect finger snack while playing and even can use it as chakna. Masala peanuts are so versatile to use in any recipe. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. In Bengali we call this recipe as Jhal Muri and its one of the most loved street food and evening snacks in almost all Bengli houses and it tastes just super yummy but one thing which we add in it is that we sprinkle mustard oil and that actually enhances the taste of the snack to a new level. Try it and am sure you will love it too.

  9. Your recipe reminded me of the good old days. This was a popular snack in the army messes with fried peanuts and onions. Simple but delicious.

  10. This is yummy and more or less like what I prepare as an evening snack. Healthy and tasty with ingredients mostly available at home.

  11. Whaw quite simple to make, I make a salad dressing with peanut butter and trust me its so yummy.

  12. I love peanuts and chatpata snacks and this one seems so easy to try at home. WIll def give it a shot

  13. Yummy and super easy. Thanks for this one.

  14. Your recipe reminds me of my childhood when I could have peanuts. The mix with onions and green chillies was my favorite, a staple at every party. Would have loved to try out your version.

  15. This snack recipe is so simple, it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book! Just pick your 3-4 ingredients and let the snacking adventure begin.😄.

  16. peanuts are like our favourite family snack and loved reading about the tasty, masala and spicy and veggies filled version in your post.

  17. Great idea! Unfortunately, our home couldn’t have any peanuts in it as my daughter got allergy from them. I used to have peanut butter and jelly a lot before! Aside from it’s nutritious, it’s also filling. Guess, we’ll have to wait for those allergies to be outgrown before we could indulge on some peanut butter again!

  18. I love peanuts! and this snack looks oh so lip smacking delicious!

  19. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    We make a similar snack at home too. It is absolutely delicious!

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